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We Fail

 We Fail always lift my gloom 🙂


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Anuga – trade fair for the world of food & beverages

A selection of new food products from the Anuga trade fair.  Most are not Vegan of course but you can see what your not missing out on.

Edible Dough

dough3.jpgThe dough is edible both in its raw state and baked and is similar to conventional play dough.

It comes in many colours and I am sure kids will love this shit. I know I would of as a kid…it’s a toy, it’s a snack….it’s a giant pink alien head.

 How healthy this stuff is for kids I don’t know but it was invented by children apparently so my guess is not very. I also doubt it’s Vegan as I know how much manufactuers love putting milk in everything apart from the one place it belongs, calf’s fucking bellys. Gloom, gloom.

Do it yourself ‘Pesto’ kit

pesto.jpgEverything you need to prepare your own fresh Pesto at home, just as they do in Genoa: a bouquet of fresh basil, a jar with Extra Vergine olive oil, pine nuts from Pisa, salt and garlic.

Well I might be missing the point here but this sounds like a pain in the arse. I much rather have someone else make it for me rather than chopping and grinding it myself. I guess it would be fresh. It’s one of those things you give as a gift but hope you don’t get as a gift. If I got one give I am sure it would just sit on the kitchen window sill and slowly wither.

Coconut Flour

coconut-flour.jpgTropicai coconut flour consists of the pulverised fibres of coconut flesh left over from the pressing of virgin coconut oil. It is suitable for baking, for use as an alternative to cream as a sauce binder

Hey this might just be useful…us Vegan’s are always on the look out for anything that can be used as an “alternative” in baking or cooking.

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Christmas dinner meal planning

With Christmas just around the corner I will be looking to purchase a Christmas roast, vegan of course. Redwoods foods have a great vegan roast pack called “Cheatin Celebration”. It comes with Turkey Roast, Vegetarian Rashers, Instant Gravy Powder and Vegi-Deli Sausages. Had it once before and it’s very nice, you can wrap the little sausages in bacon. The only sore point was the so called Turkey flavoured gravy which tasted pretty nasty…so I will bin that and use something else for the gravy (bisto vegi or something). It’s a shame it does not come with Vegan Yorkshire puddings as they are pretty hard to get right or rather rise!


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Hello world!

Yay, yay my very own blog!


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