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Christmas Food Parcel

Yay….my Christmas food parcel from Redwoods Foods arrived today. Which included:

  • 2 Celebration feasts
  • Cheatin roast beef
  • Garlic sausage style slices
  • Cheezly white chedder with cranberries



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Organic Family business

How cool is this!!!!…a family run business that do vegan pizza’s amongst other stuff. I just love this picture.



 Super gloom lift 🙂

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Vegan Gravy

gravy.jpgRedwood Foods has went and brought out Vegan Gravy as a product which was initially only  available with their meat-free Celebration Roast. Apparently this was in response to popular demand. As mentioned in a previous blog entry this gravy was the worst thing about the ‘Celebration Roast’, so God knows who demanded more of this.

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Kitchen Nightmares

Enjoyed watching kitchen Nightmares last night with Mike Ciminera, the owner of the Fish & Anchor.  There was a classic moment when he served Ramsay this curry which looked pretty nasty and came on a plate that Ramsay (he has a thing about plates) said reassembled a trough. When confronted in the kitchen Ramsay jokingly asked the chef if he had used  a Lloyd Grossman cooking sauce for the curry, no Uncle Ben’s said the chef! (camera pans over to an empty bottle of Uncle Ben’s curry sauce).  🙂

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Chinese Takeaway Gloom


Ordered a Chinese takeaway last night which came to £40 which I thought was a bit expensive but fine as long as the food is nice and I would have plenty left for the  next day.

  • Tofu in Satay Sauce – bland sauce like it came out a packet and worst of all the Tofu tasted like old sponge. Yuck!
  • Aubergine in a spicy garlic sauce – they forgot the spice but remembered the slimy aubergine. Yuck!
  • Lettuce wraps – tasteless and expensive, nearly ÂŁ5 for some iceberg lettuce leaves and chopped up carrot stuff. Yuck!

This was a new place which I have not ordered from before nore will I be doing so again. It’s just bad business to sell bad food as people DON’T come back! Gloom, gloom


< — The chefs that cooked my food. This is not some cute image but the actual real chefs.

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Chinese Food Prank Call

 Funny shit!

 Pizza version:

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How Ham Burgers are Made!



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