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Top Ten Benefits of a Vegan Diet

I have complied a list of the top ten benefits of a Vegan diet with some supporting evidence. Of course there are many more benefits of a Vegan diet than the ones listed here but I think these are the top ones that can be scientifically proven.

1. Increased intelligence
2. More attractive looking
3. Longer lifespan
4. Increased strength and agility
5. Ethical superiority
6. Increased virility
7. Wealth and success
8. Night vision
9. Animals love you
10. Slim and healthy

Hard Facts
Carl Lewis credits his outstanding results at the 1992 Olympics to his Vegan diet after winning 10 gold medals.  Before becoming Vegan Lewis was happy to come in 6th place but with the superior strength and agility than comes with a Vegan diet Lewis started kicking ass. It was claimed  at his peak Lewis could run faster then a horse and jump further than a frog.


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Yagga Vegetarian Roast

A new product I have tried from a company called Yagga is a Vegetarian roast. The ingredients are as follows: Wheat Gluten (42%), Water, Soya Flour (0.9%), Lentil Flour, Aubergines, Olives, Mixed herbs (rosemary, laurel, mint), Sea Salt. They also do a vegi streak and vegi strips to use in stir fry etc..

I was not overly impressed with the product as it tasted like something you could easily knock up yourself at home with a bag of gluten flour which I am not a big fan of anyways. The texture is some what spongy but this may just be a personal taste thing. Check it out for yourself and further info can be found at the website.

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Happy Meat part 2 (or the happy face of death)

Look kids yet more happy meat! The blank eyes says it all, the face of death staring back at you.

Click here folks to see the real smiley face of pork!

May 4, 2008 at 7:49 am 7 comments

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