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Is Bacon from a Pig?

Well you would never guess it from looking at the packing. Why are there no photos of pigs on the product when that is what it is? Sliced flesh from a pig’s murdered corpse. Is it because the reality is disgusting? Wake up and DON’T smell the bacon and you might feel like less of a swine.



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Animal research statistics 2008 in the UK

  • 39% increase in animal experiments since
    Labour came to power in 1997
  • 3.656 million animal experiments
  • 3.583 million animals
  • 14% rise in animal experiments
  • 16% rise in experiments on GM animals
  • 16% rise in monkey experiments


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    Animal Rights vs. Anarchism

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    Do animals go to heaven?

    Disney-Chicken-Little-Sky-FallingIf so the 50 plus billion animals each year we kill for food (not even including fish) means that heaven will basically be the biggest Chicken paradise you can conceive as this is the most widely killed animal on earth. The place will be teaming with Chickens every place you go.

    On the other hand if animals do not go to heaven, as they do not have souls then what a dull place heaven will be with just humans…not a single bird in the sky or fish in the sea. Some impoverished paradise that will be!

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