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British matador returns to the ring

evans_bbc_226Sixty-seven year old Frank Evans:

“The people who are opposed generally come from a sheltered background,” he surmised. “They say they’re shocked by bullfighting, but I can assure you they’d be just as shocked if they went into a slaughterhouse.”

As he patrolled the pens surveying the bulls, Evans spoke fondly of the “attractive, pungent smell” emitted by the animals during passes in the ring.”

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Vegans are NOT Violent


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Vegan T-Shirts

A few more vegan t-shirt designs.  Credit to Steve Best for the classic “Franciombe” phrase idea.


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The Hydra of Direct Action

A cartoon I adapted to illustrate the point that I don’t think direct violent action is the way forward. If people truly believe that direct violent action works does that mean if I vandalise your car or slap you in the face then you will align your views to mine? Nonsense. The animal rights movement will just become more marginalized and tougher laws enforced.

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Prof. Gary Francione VS Dr. Steve Best

We all know that Gary Francione and Dr. Steve Best are never going to come to an agreement on the best route to animal abolition by a simple debate. So I think its time for a trance off to settle this matter. *Warning Flashing lights*


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Vegan Nike’s

What no one tells you when you signup to become a vegan is how uncool vegan trainers are.  While all your meat-eating mates are looking dope in their new Nike’s you have turn up in your unbranded two stripes. Well fear not as the below guide gives you all the information and special techniques required to turn your crappy vegan trainers into a cool pair of customised Nike’s….. Sorted!


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Dr. Steve Best Total Liberation

Oh dear…as much as I share Dr. Steve Best’s views on animal rights I think his approach is more like that of a Hitler Youth rally. The enemy is not the vivisectionists, the slaughterhouses and the capitalist corporations. The truth is there is no single enemy, we are all gulity collectively as a species.  Ethical evolution is in the awaking of the heart of the ordinary person. As Gandhi said you have to become the change you want to see in the world.  Don’t get me wrong I am as angry as the next person in the line but  its about REAL long term effects and that is not about destroying property its about creative ethical education.

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