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Pro-Dairy Groups Winning T-Shirt Design

See the wonderful and tasteful winning t-shirt design below which took place at “Progressive Dairymen – Proud to Dairy“. The t-shirts are also available to buy. It may be to late to enter but I think I will do a little creative editing. (to follow) 🙂


There… I think the winning designs just needed a little tweak. 🙂



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Pain-free animals could take suffering out of farming [FAIL]

I came across this mind numbingly stupid article in New Scientist about generically modifying animals not to feel pain as a means to avoid animal suffering. Sounds like a welfarists wet dream right?

Adam Shriver philosopher and full time imbecile states:

“If we can’t do away with factory farming, we should at least take steps to minimise the amount of suffering that is caused,” says Adam Shriver, a philosopher at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. In a provocative paper published this month, Shriver contends that genetically engineered pain-free animals are the most acceptable alternative (Neuroethics, DOI: 10.1007/s12152-009-9048-6). “I’m offering a solution where you could still eat meat but avoid animal suffering.”

A solution? Removing the ability to feel pain is a torture in itself and if we have to go that far it should tell you without any doubt we are doing something horribly wrong in the first place. Suffering is also not limited to physical pain, fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness, boredom, frustration etc, etc, etc are not dependant on physical pain receptors.

“might “pain-free” be the next sticker slapped onto a rump roast?”

This shows where a welfare approach to animals rights leads. ‘Now you can eat meat with out guilt’, what’s next guilt free foie gras? If a rapist renders unconscious a woman before he rapes her is that guilt free rape?

“Peter Singer, a Princeton University philosopher who has argued that animal suffering should be balanced against the benefits of eating meat, says that his would be a moot objection if pain-free livestock could be engineered.”

Peter Singer once again proves that is a total moot with his depthless options. The only way to end animal suffering is to stop making them suffer for no good reason other than our own perverse greed. Go Vegan.


Full article here:

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Should Vegans date Non–Vegans?

hippyAs a Vegan this issue can arise but I have listed some points to help you make the right decision. There are many factors involved of course with the most important ones listed in order below, which will hopefully let you make an informed ethical choice.

1) Attractiveness: As a general rule the longer someone has been Vegan the less likely they are to be very attractive as it has only been over the last few years that Veganism has become more popular with attractive people and celebrities. Celebrities obviously, being the most attractive people of all.

So the most important point of deciding if you should date a corpse muncher is it depends on how ‘hot’ they are compared with the single Vegans that you know. Of course you have to factor in your own looks into the equation and if you happen to be fairly ugly yourself then you might have little choice but to date a meat eater.

2) Personality: If a flesh eater makes you laugh and you enjoy being around them you are probably under their evil spell so they are best avoided. The only flesh eaters you can really trust are angry and violent, as you know they are not hiding their true personalities.

3)  Wealth: If the corpse muncher is wealthy from capitalist gains, but of course not made from the expense of animals, then this definitely makes them more dateable. The general rule is will they buy you a car?

4)  One Night Stands: Never EVER have a one-night stand with a corpse muncher as you could  wake up to the smell of rotten pig flesh being cooked for your breakfast as you normally have to tell most meat heads about a million times that bacon, milk, cheese, butter are NOT VEGAN.

September 2, 2009 at 5:25 pm 4 comments

British matador returns to the ring

evans_bbc_226Sixty-seven year old Frank Evans:

“The people who are opposed generally come from a sheltered background,” he surmised. “They say they’re shocked by bullfighting, but I can assure you they’d be just as shocked if they went into a slaughterhouse.”

As he patrolled the pens surveying the bulls, Evans spoke fondly of the “attractive, pungent smell” emitted by the animals during passes in the ring.”

Full story:

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Vegans are NOT Violent


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The Hydra of Direct Action

A cartoon I adapted to illustrate the point that I don’t think direct violent action is the way forward. If people truly believe that direct violent action works does that mean if I vandalise your car or slap you in the face then you will align your views to mine? Nonsense. The animal rights movement will just become more marginalized and tougher laws enforced.

August 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm 6 comments

Prof. Gary Francione VS Dr. Steve Best

We all know that Gary Francione and Dr. Steve Best are never going to come to an agreement on the best route to animal abolition by a simple debate. So I think its time for a trance off to settle this matter. *Warning Flashing lights*


August 22, 2009 at 2:33 pm 5 comments

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