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Kill It Skin It Wear It

Documentry on Channel 4 tonight about the fur trade.

“In her day job as a chef, Merrilees knows exactly where her food comes from. Now she wants to find out if it’s possible to source ethical fur like we source ethical food. 

In Kill it, Skin it, Wear it Merrilees Parker attempts to find out the truth behind this remarkable fashion revival – getting unprecedented access to a Danish fur farm, going fur trapping in Idaho and seeing images of animal suffering that she never wants to see again.

Beginning her journey in Denmark, Merrilees is invited to film inside a mink farm. Accompanied throughout by two PR minders, Merrilees is initially impressed by the seemingly “humane, soundless and bloodless” way in which the mink are killed and processed. But is it really the case that this is the standard method? Or is it all a PR job?

Back in London, Merrilees meets Director of Respect for Animals Mark Glover who shows her a very different side of the story. As she watches shocking and graphic footage of animals in suffering as they are kept and killed for fur, Merrilees is moved to tears. And the images continue to haunt her as she wonders whether any of the celebrities pictured wearing fur in magazines would do so if they had seen what she has seen.

But is there still a middle ground where animals can spend their time in the wild before they’re killed? To find out, Merrilees’ journey finally takes her fur-trapping in the wild with retired Vietnam-sniper Johnny Wisenhurst. Together, they trap and skin a beaver and Merrilees thinks that “if I was ever going to wear fur it would be that kind of animal that I’d feel comfortable wearing”.

So she returns to Denmark to a huge fur warehouse, from which many designers source their fur, to see whether she can trace the trapped fur which makes up around 20% of the market. But she is horrified to discover that “There are loads of guarantees on the quality of pelts but virtually no guarantees on good welfare practices.”

This woman is obviously a dimwit to start with but the real criminals here are the designers who use fur in their catalogues. Also the parallels made with so called “humane” farming just highlight the inherent problems with a welfare reform approach to animal rights.

Gloomy, gloom 😦

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Kitchen Nightmares

Enjoyed watching kitchen Nightmares last night with Mike Ciminera, the owner of the Fish & Anchor.  There was a classic moment when he served Ramsay this curry which looked pretty nasty and came on a plate that Ramsay (he has a thing about plates) said reassembled a trough. When confronted in the kitchen Ramsay jokingly asked the chef if he had used  a Lloyd Grossman cooking sauce for the curry, no Uncle Ben’s said the chef! (camera pans over to an empty bottle of Uncle Ben’s curry sauce).  🙂

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