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RSPCA Blog: Your voice for the animals (or maybe not!)

The RSPCA blog “Give animals a voice” ( they say is a place where you can connect with others, create debate, share your views and give animals a voice.

Well I did just that and tried to voice my concerns that if I was an non-human animal I would not be looking to the RSPCA to protect me from being abused, maimed or killed by animal abusers. The reason being that the  RSPCA openly condone and support killing of animals for pleasure. In fact they even have their own seal of approval which they hand out to animal exploiters called “Freedom foods” label. Of course the RSPCA took offence  at my “voice for the animals” and quickly censored my entry on their blog.

The truth is the RSCPA have only an interest in protecting some animals from cruelty and are clearly in bed with animal agriculturists. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying the RSPCA don’t do a good job for wildlife and pets but they are clearly speciest when it comes to farm animals and an animal protection organization that is speciest is clearly a very worrying thing.


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Rain Without Thunder

This was taken in part from a book review on Amazon of Gary L. Francione’s book “Rain with out Thunder”.

In a nutshell, Francione’s central thesis in _Rain Without Thunder_ is as follows:

In everyday language with respect to human animals, the word “welfare” has very good connotations. However, in the areas of _law_ and _institutional policy_ with respect to non-human animals, words like “welfare,” “humane,” “care,” “unnecessary suffering,” and so on only mean _one_ thing. Namely, they mean that the interests of non-human animals will be protected only to the extent necessary to exploit them in an economically efficient manner. For example, in law and policy, the welfare of a pig not to starve is protected because it is necessary to feed the pig in order to get her or his meat. The same is necessarily true of every animal welfare law and regulation. Therefore, any advocacy that attempts to achieve animal rights and the abolition of animal exploitation in the long-term by using the supposedly short-term strategy of trying to pass welfare regulations achieves only _one_ thing. Namely, if those measures are implemented, it will be further ensured that the only interests of non-human animals that will ever be protected are those that are required to exploit them efficiently. In other words, the supposed “success” of implementing a welfare measure only further ensures that the interests of other animals that are not required to exploit them efficiently will *always* be violated in the most abhorrent ways imaginable. In short, welfare measures *only* harm non-human animals and never help them. ByJeff Perz

People are god dam bullies! You know you are, you meat eating, egg sucking, fecal freaks! Leave the animals alone and pick on someone who can fight back you sick farm abusing, battery egg buying…………….gloooooooooooooooooooooooom!

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Hello world!

Yay, yay my very own blog!


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